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Halborn Warns MetaMask Users about New Phishing Scheme

Halborn Warns MetaMask Users about New Phishing Scheme

The crypto wallet users should be alerted as the number of phishing schemes is rising.

Halborn, a blockchain security firm established in 2019, has issued a warning for customers of crypto wallet MetaMask regarding a phishing scheme

According to the blog post shared by Luis Lubeck, Harborn’s technical education specialist, the scammers are using emails to trick MetaMask users into giving out their passwords

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The specialist has thoroughly investigated the MetaMask scam email he received at the end of July, to give context to customers about possible red flags.

Lubeck notes that although from the first look the email looks authentic and original for the site it is imitating, the problems may occur when one looks into the language of the text and sender’s email address. For example, the email names the company "Metamaks" instead of "MetaMask". 

Another missing feature is the lack of personalization. The educational specialist notes that whenever the email is sent from the official page of the financial institution or MetaMask as in this case, it most definitely will contain personal information about the customer

It is also suggested to keep an eye on the correctness of URL addresses that the customers are redirected to, as well as the name of the website

Lubeck also notes that, in the case of the MetaMask phishing scheme, scammers attempt to warn users by using the phrase: “Make sure no one is watching you right now, never share your passphrase with other people”. 

Lastly, Lubeck believes that no one can detect every case of phishing. However, note that customers should always be aware of such possibilities. 

The best defense against phishing attacks like these is to stay vigilant when receiving emails and think twice before doing anything that seems a bit unusual or potentially suspicious.

This is not the first time Halborn is giving a helping hand to MetaMask. Back in May, Halborn identified wallet vulnerabilities in browser-based crypto wallets, including MetaMask. In return for this information, MetaMask rewarded the blockchain security firm with $50,000.

In other news, recently, Celsius, a cryptocurrency lending platform, has confirmed the leak of customers' email addresses while customers warned each other about possible phishing schemes. 


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