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Blockchain Cuties Universe Has Launched on the HECO Blockchain

Blockchain Cuties Universe Has Launched on the HECO Blockchain

A blockchain-based NFT game, Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU), is expanding. Specifically, BCU is reaching for the sixth blockchain in its ecosystem - HECO. This network was chosen due to its friendliness to game development.

With this expansion, BCU offers both new and old gamers an exclusive chance to explore its universe. Blockchain Universe Cuties is holding a unique presale of HECO-specific NFTs, to celebrate the launch.

Every time that BCU adds a new blockchain to its ecosystem, a new land is created within the game, and new heroes are issued. The theme of HECO is that of fantasy, and the heroes reflect that rather well, too. These characters can be used for collectible purposes, and can also serve as powerful characters within the Blockchain Cuties Universe.

Blockchain Cuties Universe HECO integration: the BCU cutie NFTs.

On top of a new land to explore, and new heroes to collect, BCU also aims to transfer its governance token - BCUG - to the HECO chain. This would improve transaction speeds and general user experience.

You may check the NFTs out for yourself on a specific, presale-dedicated page.

What is Blockchain Cuties Universe?

BCU is a collectible-powered NFT game based on six different blockchains - Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Polygon, Neo, and now - HECO. The game is played with the help of different collectible pets that come in the form of non-fungible tokens.

In addition to the game itself, there are two separate markets to explore within BCU - one for character (hero) NFTs, and another one for in-game items. Players are able to venture to the different lands located in BCU, craft items, trade other players, and so on.

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Blockchain Cuties Universe Has Launched on the HECO Blockchain


Blockchain Cuties Universe

The BCUG token is the native token of the Blockchain Cuties Universe ecosystem. The token is used for utility purposes within the gaming universe in question. It offers fast transaction speeds, secure payment processes, and a factor of convenience.



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