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Arthur Hayes Predicts Bitcoin Downturn Around Halving Event

Key Takeaways

  • Arthur Hayes warns of potential volatility and price declines around the April 20 Bitcoin halving, challenging the typical bullish expectations;
  • With Bitcoin's price already up 65% this year, Hayes suggests a market correction might occur;
  • Hayes identifies the US tax season and the Federal Reserve's QT as factors that could strain market liquidity, possibly negatively affecting crypto markets between April 15 and May 1.
Arthur Hayes Predicts Bitcoin Downturn Around Halving Event

As the community braces for the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving on April 20, Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, offers a word of caution.

While halving events—where Bitcoin's mining reward is cut in half—are typically seen as bullish triggers because the lower supply boosts prices, Hayes anticipates a different scenario. In his latest "Heatwave" blog post, he suggests a period of volatility and potential price drops surrounding the event.

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What is Aurora in Crypto? NEAR Protocol Token Explained (ANIMATED)

What is Aurora in Crypto? NEAR Protocol Token Explained (ANIMATED) What is Aurora in Crypto? NEAR Protocol Token Explained (ANIMATED)

With Bitcoin's price having surged over 65% this year, surpassing $70,000, Hayes hints at a possible market correction. He explains:

The narrative of the halving being positive for crypto prices is well entrenched. When most market participants agree on a certain outcome, the opposite usually occurs.

Hayes also points out two significant economic factors that could reduce dollar liquidity in the market, potentially triggering a sell-off in risk assets, including crypto.

Firstly, the US tax season, with payments due on April 15, may tighten market liquidity as significant cash withdrawals are made to cover tax liabilities.

Secondly, the Federal Reserve's quantitative tightening (QT) strategy, aimed at reducing the amount of money in circulation, could contribute to the liquidity crunch.

Hayes believes that these events, combined with the halving, could lead to a challenging period for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, adding:

The timing of the halving adds further weight to my decision to abstain from trading until May.

As such, Hayes advises a cautious approach to trading during this time, underscoring the importance of understanding the interaction between market trends and external economic conditions.

In other BTC-related news, the US Justice Department relocated around $2 billion worth of Bitcoin seized from the Silk Road darknet marketplace to a new wallet.

Aaron S., Editor-In-Chief
Having completed a Master’s degree in Economics, Politics, and Cultures of the East Asia region, Aaron has written scientific papers analyzing the differences between Western and Collective forms of capitalism in the post-World War II era.
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