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Who is Cathie Wood?

Cathie Wood MEANING:
Cathie Wood - Catherine Wood is the founder of ARK Invest.
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Catherine Duddy Wood was born on November 26th, 1955, and is an American investor, as well as the founder and CEO of ARK Invest. Ark Invest is a $60 billion company that specializes in cutting-edge technology such as self-driving cars and genomics. 

She had previously worked at other investment businesses and planned to amass active stock portfolios in the form of ETFs.

In 1974, Wood graduated from an all-girls Catholic high school and then studied finance and economics at the University of Southern California. She gained a Science Bachelor's degree.

Cathie Wood was mostly unknown prior to the year 2020. However, not long after, she rose to prominence as a stock market investor. Despite the fact that Cathie Wood encountered significant instabilities for the ARK Innovation ETF and other ARK Invest exchange-traded funds last year, many investors see her as an inspiration.

Investors say that Cathie Wood has a talent for the creations which will define high-growth funds to invest in for years to come.

Moreover, she is a Bitcoin supporter and has been purchasing Bitcoin proxies from Coinbase, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, and others, since she wants to be the owner of the assets.

She recently indicated that the technology businesses in her development portfolio are substantially undervalued, and she believes that the latest sell-off in her fund is temporary.

As the SEC filing reveals, the ETF’s investing aim is to follow the performance of Bitcoin. Besides, if SEC confirms the fund, it will trade under the ticker symbol “ARKB”. Moreover, Ark Invest is launching a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

Furthermore, when China banned Bitcoin in June, Wood referred to it as an advantageous move in the long run, while other analysts described it as a bad thing for the crypto industry. Cathie Wood even stated that Bitcoin is "environmentally conscious," in response to Elon Musk's (the owner of Tesla and SpaceX) criticism of Bitcoin mining's energy use.

Besides that, Cathie Wood stated that Bitcoin is transparent and has promoted economic development all across the world. It is also stated that when mining changes to sustainable power, Bitcoin would be beneficial to the world and ecology.

Her organization, ARK Invest, teaches people how to successfully invest in cryptocurrencies. The organization believes that cryptocurrencies governed by network systems would shape the future of monetary systems, value holding, and transfer techniques.

According to the investment manager, parameters such as the worth and market share of cryptocurrencies will be "power-law distributed." This implies that just a few cryptocurrencies would be able to capture the biggest share out there.