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Who is Brian Armstrong?

Brian Armstrong MEANING:
Brian Armstrong - is the CEO and creator of Coinbase, as well as a business leader and investor.
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Brian Armstrong is best known as the CEO and founder of Coinbase. He was born on January 25th, 1983, in California. After graduating from high school Armstrong moved to Texas to study computer science and economics at Rice University. Both of Armstrong's parents were also engineers.

After graduating and earning his master's degree in computer science, he decided to start a firm that matched instructors with students. Simultaneously, he worked as a software engineer and developer for organizations like IBM and Airbnb.

He traveled to Brazil and South America and at the same time, he noticed that there are many opportunities to develop advanced ways to promote cross-border payments. That’s what lead him to start coding a platform where users would be able to keep and send cryptocurrency as a way of solving this issue.

Not long after, Coinbase was established. In 2012, to be exact. It was able to collect $150,000 in venture funds.

Nowadays, Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, having approximately 56 million registered users.

Furthermore, Armstrong was one of the early believers and followers of Bitcoin right after seeing the initial whitepaper.