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Who is Adam Back?

Adam Back - British cryptographer, cypherpunk, digital asset researcher, and inventor of Hashcash.
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Let's find out Adam Back meaning, definition in crypto, who is Adam Back, and all other detailed facts.

Adam Back is a British cryptographer, digital asset researcher, and cypherpunk. He was the developer of Hashcash, a proof-of-work system that is used for Bitcoin mining and was mentioned in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

In 2014, Back co-founded Blockstream, a blockchain technology company that provides products and services for blockchain-based digital assets. In 2020, Blockstream launched Liquid.net which provides support for the Liquid Network.

The Liquid Network is a sidechain project for traders and exchanges that provides interoperability between the Bitcoin blockchain and the Liquid sidechain. It has a broad federation of members, such as Coincheck, Ledger, and Xapo.

Another project launched by Blockstream is the Blockstream Scam Database. It protects the Blockstream brand from hijacking attempts by scammers.