Crypto Terms: Letter V

What is Virus?

Virus - malicious software program that infects a computer to spy on, corrupt, or destroy the system.
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Let's find out Virus meaning, definition in crypto, what is Virus, and all other detailed facts.

A virus is malicious computer software that infects a desktop or mobile device, often without the knowledge of the victim. Depending on the type, viruses may steal data stored on the computer, corrupt its processes, or destroy the system from the inside.

Computer viruses can act similarly to human viruses by infecting the “body” of the computer and causing issues with its functionality. Hence, the term “virus” was coined in 1983 by computer scientist Fred Cohen.

Viruses are typically contained in computer files. Users may download and open suspicious files without knowing that they’re actually viruses and trigger the infection process. Some viruses are able to self-replicate and spread throughout the entire computer network.

Viruses can also be transferred on external devices such as CDs or USB flash drives. External tools help spread the virus further and infect as many devices as possible. While some viruses strike as soon as they are triggered, others remain idle and are hard to detect as they do not appear to directly interfere with the system functions.

It is highly recommended to ensure that the computer software is up-to-date, as some stealthy viruses can take advantage of older system vulnerabilities and infect the device without getting caught. Some viruses are programmed to force shut down the antivirus software in the task manager.