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What is Unpermissioned Ledger?

Unpermissioned Ledger MEANING:
Unpermissioned Ledger - is a type of ledger where anyone can manage the data within it.
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An Unpermissioned Ledger sometimes referred to as a public ledger or a permissionless ledger, is a type of ledger that’s completely open and transparent with its data. The most well-known and successful public ledgers are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Users have the ability to run nodes, develop smart contracts, and most importantly, access and create data. One of the main advantages of a public ledger is that it’s completely transparent.

The main disadvantage of a public ledger is that it consumes a huge amount of energy which is attracting the attention of environmentalists. 

On the opposite side of the unpermissioned ledger is the permissioned ledger. It generally consists of a lot more restrictions.