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What is Unit of Account?

Unit of Account MEANING:
Unit of Account - a measurement for value.
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A unit of account in economics is mostly used to characterize one of the money's key functions – the possibility of assessing the worth of a certain item. This enables us to assess a variety of items. Besides, it allows us to compare the monetary values of items using various currencies.

A unit of account is used to determine the monetary value of almost anything. For example, you can compare the value of a bicycle with the value of a car and decide which is a better option for you.

To put it another way, money can be used to measure practically everything we produce and use. Thus, it's employed as a unit of account.

Besides, the unit of account allows us to execute mathematical operations. For example, calculate profit or losses. Also, it allows money to be lent or borrowed. Thus, a unit of account provides meaning and numerical value to every item.

Though, the value of money in real life is highly volatile. Mostly, due to inflation, deflation, and other economic factors. As a result, money is not always seen as a good unit of account.

This problem is quite clear. Imagine that the value of an hour is constantly changing. It's obvious that, in this case, it becomes an unreliable measurement of time. Thus, it's a similar situation with money.

However, in financial accounting, the term “unit of account” refers to something else. It's a specific asset or liability that is presented in financial statements. Though such an asset can also be called a unit of measure. This is because it's linked to the monetary unit that is being used, for example, the Euro. In this situation, a unit of account is just the currency utilized for accounting.