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Crypto Terms:  Letter T
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 03, 2024

What is Turing-Complete?

Turing-Complete Meaning:
Turing-Complete - refers to a system's prospective ability to solve all computation problems.
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Let's find out Turing-Complete meaning, definition in crypto, what is Turing-Complete, and all other detailed facts.

Turing-complete refers to a potential ability of a system to tackle computation problems. For a system to be referred to as Turing-complete, it must be able to do what a Turing machine can do. A Turing machine is a theoretical machine that was created by mathematician Alan Turing. Turing-complete has an essential characteristic of loops which enable a programming language to perform a set of instructions continuously.

In the scenario where the programming language is not Turning-complete, it contains some limitations that might get in the way of solving different types of computational issues. Solidity is an example of a Turing-complete system, and it is a programming language that was utilized to write Ethereum smart contracts.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is not Turning-complete. This is because it was initially created as a cryptocurrency that enables uncomplicated functionalities. Besides, the scripting language of Bitcoin is not equipped with Turing-complete language loops. Bitcoin is not Turing-complete because this way it defends itself from numerous frauds and network overload.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of programming languages available today are Turing-complete. However, keep in mind that blockchains are not required to meet this condition.