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What is Tumbler?

Tumbler MEANING:
Tumbler - a mixing service that makes cryptocurrency transactions more anonymous by breaking them down into smaller parts and mixing them with others.
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Let's find out Tumbler meaning, definition in crypto, what is Tumbler, and all other detailed facts.

The tumbler is a mixing service that breaks down cryptocurrency transactions into smaller pieces and mixes them with others to make it harder for third parties to find them.

Users place their coins in the pool of the tumbler. After that, the tumbler returns an identical number of coins to each user, minus the fees. However, the received funds are made up of multiple smaller parts of funds that other users have deposited into the system. This creates a barrier between the address that sends crypto and the one that receives it.

Tumblers normally don't ask their users for personal information, preserving their anonymity. Though because of that, they are frequently accused of facilitating illegal activities, such as money laundering, since they make anonymous dark web applications much more convenient and law enforcement organizations' duties more difficult.

However, keep in mind that tumbler mixing can result in a number of risks, the most serious one being the chance of hacking. Hackers can easily extract personal data or track the origins of a user's coins if there are any security flaws.