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What is TradingView?

TradingView MEANING:
TradingView - online financial visualization and trading platform for various assets, including cryptocurrencies.
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Let's find out TradingView meaning, definition in crypto, what is TradingView, and all other detailed facts.

TradingView is a digital financial platform used by traditional and crypto investors to trade assets, discuss news and strategies, and learn to work with various technical analysis tools. The platform provides information about the financial market and its trends to traders of varying levels of experience. In September 2021, the TradingView user base exceeded 550 million.

Many financial traders use TradingView not only as a financial market platform but also as a social network where they can share their insights and connect with other players in the field. Users can take advantage of numerous tools that help create charts, financial simulations, and schedule trading hours.

TradingView is one of the most popular platforms among both traditional and cryptocurrency traders. Having carved its place in the market over the past decade, TradingView covers over 400 markets for traders to access.

Users can choose between the free and paid version of TradingView. The free version limits the number of services that traders can use; however, the global data remains widely accessible. The paid version offers a wide range of financial tools, such as detailed charts and technical indicators.

Some of the benefits offered by TradingView are:

  • The ability to create charts to track live data of one or more assets;
  • Live alerts that ensure all information is up-to-date;
  • Personalization of market criteria which allows users to filter through stocks;
  • Customized analysis available with the paid plan;
  • Custom charts and indicators are available with the paid plan;
  • Simple design and beginner-friendly functionality;
  • Trading simulations that reduce the risk of financial loss;
  • Large active community.