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What is Toll Bridge?

Toll Bridge - is a pathway that demands a toll fee to gain access to additional functionalities.
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Let's find out Toll Bridge meaning, definition in crypto, what is Toll Bridge, and all other detailed facts.

A Toll Bridge is a type of bridge in the crypto sector where by paying a toll fee you receive access to exclusive functionalities and vested cryptocurrencies. This toll fee is assigned a specific monetary value. 

It was popularized by a well-known crypto project DAO Maker. It’s targeted at startups who need decentralized and secure launchpads.

DAO Maker enables the dynamic coin offering (DYCO) framework. Startups and new crypto projects can use it in order to continue developing said project by raising funds and attracting investors. Moreover, the dynamic coin offering framework allows investors to receive refunds if the project did not reach its original goals or completely went off course.

The toll bridge burns and claims are managed by smart contracts

The token generation event (TGE) prompted toll bridges to take into account vesting schedules, days, and other factors.

In order to use the bridge users require to connect the MetaMask extension to connect to a whitelisted wallet. If everything goes accordingly and the wallet was successfully connected, the users are able to unlock funds within the bridge.

Keep in mind that users can leave the vesting schedule even before the set period of time is over. By exiting early, token buyers have to burn a certain amount of their tokens.

Additionally, users have to pay fewer fees if the fund has been open for a longer period of time. Furthermore, every three months users can receive 20% of their locked coins if they don’t pass the toll bridge throughout the entire vesting schedule.