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Crypto Terms:  Letter T

What is Testnet?

Testnet - a blockchain that developers use for testing.
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Let's find out Testnet meaning, definition in crypto, what is Testnet, and all other detailed facts.

A testnet is an experimental blockchain created specifically for developers to test new features. It helps avoid any interruptions, glitches, or damage done to the main blockchain network. Testnets are also used for market simulations or to experiment with the development of new cryptocurrencies. If a developer wants to test a dApp without any costs, they would use a testnet. So, testnets can be used for dApp integration support, dev testing, as well as risk-free learning of using networks, or certain features of them.

Both mainnets and testnets have gas fees. As far as testnets are concerned, this further-enhances the learning experience of developers and Web3 enthusiasts.

The process of implementing new upgrades to a blockchain is complicated and can lead to service outages, bugs, or even network forks. Therefore, a completely separate blockchain network is utilized to test the possible scenarios and functionalities of the product.

Testnets help to detect any errors or system issues, as well as potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious parties. Some developmental projects may allow users to access the testnet for live testing and quality control. Notable testnets include the BSC Testnet, Ethereum Goerli & Sepolia, as well as Arbitrum Goerli. In fact, the Stylus testnet is open for all & offers a powerful new way to build on Arbitrum.

After seeing how the feature or upgrade functions on the testnet, it can then be introduced to the mainnet – the main blockchain network that supports real-world transactions. After that, the testnet can be reset to a clean state.

Mainnets include notable networks, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum Nova. Some decentralized networks may use governance mechanisms to vote on whether an update or a new function should be implemented.

An interesting point to mention is that testnet and mainnet tokens can be bridged between one another, too.