Crypto Terms: Letter T

What is Tank?

Tank - a strongly negative financial performance of an asset.
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Let's find out Tank meaning, definition in crypto, what is Tank, and all other detailed facts.

The term "tank" originated in traditional financial markets. An asset's price is referred to as "tanking" when it starts falling quickly. However, the term can also be used in various other instances including:

  • To refer to a company that has low performance.
  • To say that an asset or a portfolio is "in the tank" when its financial performance drops a lot over a longer time period.
  • To be used together with "rallying" as its opposite meaning replacing such terms as "dumping" and "pumping." When an asset sees a quick short-term increase in value, it’s rallying (or pumping). However, when market values undergo a severe and rapid decrease, it’s tanking (or dumping).

Though keep in mind that there's also the term “bleeding.” It implies that a price drop occurred in the market as well. However, tanking implies that the price decline was sudden and dramatic. Bleeding, on the other hand, implies that the price decline was slow and took a longer time to occur.