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What is Subgraph Manifest?

Subgraph Manifest MEANING:
Subgraph Manifest - refers to a Subgraph component that contains information on Subgraph's data sources, templates, and other features.
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A Subgraph component that holds information on the Subgraph's data sources, templates, and other characteristics is known as a Subgraph Manifest. A graph can be utilized as a protocol to develop dApps in a quicker manner through GraphQl. These dApps are created on IPFS and Ethereum.

There are several subgraphs in The Graph. Each subgraph shows the application's information needs. The subgraphs can be combined to form more complicated applications. Every subgraph has an accompanying manifest that outlines the subgraph's data needs as well as additional metadata about the subgraph.

These are the files that a subgraph consists of:

  • AssemblyScript Mappings that are used to translate blockchain event information.
  • subrhaph.yaml that is the central YAML file.
  • Schema.graphql that describes what information is kept and how it can be examined using GraphQL.

The Subgraph Manifest provides a way to declare entities, connections, and indexes that a graph will require. It is utilized by The Graph CLI at query time to launch a subgraph, as well as by dApp developers on The Graph.

Anyone can develop a subgraph by employing the graph-node command-line instrument or graph docker image.

Keep in mind that curated subgraphs are the only ones that can be stationed on the public network.

The way that an application must store information in a Graph Node, which is a decentralized database, is evaluated by an open-source data scheme subgraph. The manifests are written in GraphQL SDL and are utilized by Graph Nodes to produce indexes of the whole blockchain as well as its smart contracts.

Since everything is open-source, anybody can create a subgraph beginning with a blueprint or forking an established one.

A Subgraph Manifest consists of these fields:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Data Sources

It has the name of the subgraph and an extended description of the subgraph. It is showcased in the explorer UI to provide users with some information backing what they see.

Data source IDs connect to particular Ethereum networks and smart contract addresses. These are mappings between on-chain occurrences and entity properties. This is where you specify which smart contracts will provide data to this subgraph, which occurrences they will generate, and how those events will map onto a GraphQl schema provided somewhere else in this manifest.

It also contains two other segments besides Manifest - schema and mapping.