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What is Store of Value?

Store of Value MEANING:
Store of Value - A product, asset, or currency that retains its worth over time is referred to as a store of value.
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A store of value can be a few things, such as a commodity, asset, or currency. They can be retrieved, saved, and exchanged in the future without their value dropping.

Most commodities are, in fact, things that retain their worth over a substantial amount of time. An item is considered a store of value if its value is steady or may improve over time while not depreciating

For instance, because gold and other valuable metals have an infinite shelf life, they are excellent value stores. Interest-bearing assets, such as U.S. Treasury bonds (T-bonds), also qualify for investors since they preserve their worth also provide revenue.

Food, on the other hand, has a low storage value since it spoils and becomes useless over time.

Up until 1971, the United States utilized a gold standard, which indicated that dollars could be exchanged for a particular weight of gold. Moreover, the majority of economies across time have employed gold and other similar metals to keep value, and their relative ease of travel is, in fact, a benefit.

Besides, the idea that constitutes a store of value varies greatly between countries and cultures. In all but the direst circumstances, the local currency can act as a store of value in the majority of advanced countries.

So, although the overall worth of such value storage fluctuates with time, it may be relied on to preserve some value in practically every circumstance.