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What is Spoon (Blockchain)?

Spoon (Blockchain) MEANING:
Spoon (Blockchain) - A spoon is a sort of a blockchain fork in which a new coin acquires the old cryptocurrency’s account balances.
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In general, a spoon is a form of blockchain fork in which the new coin acquires the old cryptocurrency's account balances. New projects can add their own functionality to the prior program while still enabling current standard users to participate in it. It acts as a way to attract users and developers of an existing platform.

Their installation is rather difficult so they are still uncommon in the blockchain sphere.

Ethereum is by far the most popular spooning protocol because of its big number of customers and large developer community.  

On the other hand, Cosmos is the most common example that took snapshots of the Ethereum blockchain so that it would be able to identify and migrate account balances to its own network. Naturally, the network is linked with the Ethereum mainnet in a variety of ways while also adding its own advancements to it. Regardless of the fact that it replicates values, Cosmos has its own tokens and does not utilize ETH.

It's important to note that the nature and purpose of a spoon separate it from the more typical hard fork. Spoons just replicate balances and then utilize a different unique token, while hard forks employ the very same token as the already existing chain. Besides that, hard forks are intended to capture a platform's market share and supremacy, whereas spoons are intended to enhance the technological brilliance of the projects from which they copy balances. Also, many hard forks are divisive, whereas spoons are collaborative.

Overall, the idea of a spoon is to force the process to grow into a brand new blockchain. In addition to taking a snapshot of the condition of current blockchain address balances and replacing them with an equivalent share of the new blockchain's native asset.