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What is Source Code?

Source Code MEANING:
Source Code - is a particular set of instructions as well as statements that lead to a computer program that was written by utilizing a high-level programming language.
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A source code is a collection of instructions and statements that together form a computer program written in a high-level programming language. Later, using a compiler this code is translated into machine language. The translated code is referred to as object code.

A program's source code is often stored in one or more text files and has a significant amount of lines of code. The actual structure of these files differs depending on the programming language, however, most applications have one or more files with the extensions .c, .cpp, .CPP, or .cxx (e.g., filename.c). In most circumstances, the file name corresponds with the name of the program's core purpose or technique, and the file's material includes only a function description, accompanying declarations, and statements.

While bigger programs typically make use of hundreds or thousands of documents, it is fairly rare for tiny applications to employ only one source code file. Note that if there are numerous source files, the software might be divided into portions. This happens due to the fact that when all of the program's elements and procedures are contained in a single document, it might be difficult to identify certain areas of code.

Why Do You Need to Have a Source Code?

Yes, it is crucial to have a source code since it is a way of protecting yourself when transferring a license to a new owner or making a second file. You are dependent on the development company that created the app or website if you don’t possess a source code. In regards to that, the source code is the backbone of your program or website.

Besides, another important factor of having the source code is that it is possible for you to adjust it at any point when you need that. Having your own source code guarantees that you have superior protection.

In addition, it is the only method to make sure that you are up to date with security patches and various news.

Source Code VS Open Source

To specify, source code is usually written in a programming language such as PHP or JavaScript, which is a text that anyone can read. The term itself indicates the fundamental code of a program.

Open-source software (also known as free/libre open-source software (FLOSS)), is software that a user can duplicate, adjust, distribute, and share since its source code is available to the public for free. It is built in a team manner where everyone has access to the source code. The rationale for this transparency is that users can understand how the application works and other developers can modify it to build additional apps.