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What is Side-Channel Attack?

Side-Channel Attack MEANING:
Side-Channel Attack - a hacking method that relies on information obtained from a computer system’s performance rather than flaws in the algorithm itself.
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A side-channel attack is a type of hacking that depends on data gathered from the performance of a computer system rather than faults in the algorithm itself. These attacks exploit simple computer outputs that appear to be harmless such as timing data, power consumption, electromagnetic leakage, and even sound. Every computer is susceptible to revealing information about its processes because they give off sounds, light signatures, and other indicators that can be used to communicate what is going on. 

In the world of cryptocurrency, side-channel attacks could be used to detect when a private key is being inserted into a hardware wallet because it emits a stronger signal. Overall, if the information is not adequately protected, hackers can use the attacks to obtain nearly any type of information. Even the most encrypted networks can be harmed if they don't account for what happens beyond the electronic codes that carry out operations.