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What is Semantic Web?

Semantic Web MEANING:
Semantic Web - is the prospect of making it possible for computers to interpret and manipulate data on the behalf of its user.
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Let's find out Semantic Web meaning, definition in crypto, what is Semantic Web, and all other detailed facts.

The Semantic Web, similar to Web 3.0, outlines the future prospects of the World Wide Web (WWW), or just the web, which is a software platform that allows users to retrieve information. 

Tim Berners-Lee is the man behind the design of the web and he has decided he wants to do it over by proposing the idea of the Semantic Web.

On that account, the Semantic Web could contribute to the web by adding more data descriptors to content and information that’s already available thus allowing meaningful interpretations. These descriptors have the potential to enable computers to process information similarly to humans when we have a purpose in mind, a sort of reasoning if you will. 

One of the hopes of developing the Semantic Web is that computers will be able to manipulate said data as humans would.

The Semantic Web can also be defined as a semantic network, also known as a knowledge graph, of linked data with intelligent content that allows computers to process and interpret metadata and content above all else.

If this vision comes to life, then the web will experience an evolution in regard to machine intelligence. In essence, this means that each piece of content uploaded to the internet will be understood by computers.