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Crypto Terms:  Letter S
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Script?

Script Meaning:
Script - a list of commands that a particular software or scripting language executes.
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Let's find out Script meaning, definition in crypto, what is Script, and all other detailed facts.

A script, or a computer script, is a list of commands that a particular software or scripting language executes. Scripts can be used to automate activities on a local computer or to create online web pages. The script’s instructions are saved in a file that might be executed consecutively by the operating system's command interpreter whenever the list name is typed into a command.

Some programming languages have been established as script languages. This includes Perl, REXX, and JavaScript. Script languages, are far easier to code than more structured and compiled languages like C and C++. However, since each command is handled by another program first, a script takes longer to run than a more structured program.

The main benefits of scripts:

  • Since they are open-source, users can view and edit them whenever they need to.
  • Scripts do not require the file to be compiled (though it can be if it’s needed).
  • Scripts are simple to understand and write, as well as to transfer between operating systems.
  • Scripts are significantly easier to write than genuine programs, and some people or businesses use scripts as a prototype for actual programs.