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What is Scamcoin?

Scamcoin MEANING:
Scamcoin - a fake cryptocurrency created as a way for developers to obtain money.
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A scamcoin is a fraudulent cryptocurrency developed as a means for the creator to steal money from investors who believe it’s a legitimate project. These may refer to cryptocurrencies being funded via initial coin offerings (ICOs) when the developers have no intention of delivering the final product to the investors and perform a rug pull instead.

In many cases, scamcoins are pre-mined to artificially inflate their value or are clones of other legitimate crypto tokens. They hold no real value of their own and temporarily exist solely with malicious intent.

Scamcoins can have a strong negative impact on the reputation of cryptocurrencies as a whole, particularly among crypto skeptics and no-coiners who believe crypto is a Ponzi scheme or an illegitimate financial system.