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Crypto Terms:  Letter R
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Replicated Ledger?

Replicated Ledger Meaning:
Replicated Ledger - a duplicate of a distributed ledger in a cryptocurrency network.
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Let's find out Replicated Ledger meaning, definition in crypto, what is Replicated Ledger, and all other detailed facts.

A duplicate of a distributed ledger that is shared with all members of a cryptocurrency network is referred to as a replicated ledger. Replicated ledgers are categorized into two types of copies – slave and master. Slave ledgers are simple replications of the master copy, while master ledgers include authoritative copies of blockchain information.

The replicated ledger's purpose is to reduce the risks associated with sharing only a single copy of the blockchain ledger with all users of the network. Besides, since the original blockchain is duplicated multiple times, replicated ledgers do not have a single point of failure. The information recorded in the blocks of the original ledger is reproduced in the data in replicated ledgers. It's impossible to update the data included within them.

No single authority can gain control of the network through the ledger in such a system because all participants have an authentic copy of it, including any further updates they make. When a user adds new transactions to their personal ledgers, the updates are distributed throughout the network and made available to everyone.

Besides, note that a consensus protocol is included in the system and its goal is to make sure that each copy of the blockchain is identical to the others. Changed copies of ledgers that have already been copied are refused.