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What is Repair Miners?

Repair Miners MEANING:
Repair Miners - are a type of mining node within the Filecoin network.
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Repair miners refer to a submitted model of a mining node inside the Filecoin network. Storage miners and retrieval miners are different from repair miners. Moreover, having repair miners is a characteristic of Filecoin that will only be executed in the future.

Information within the Filecoin network is kept in sectors, and every sector has a defined size. Furthermore, storage miners populate these sectors with information kept on behalf of their clients, who hire the storage miners for a set length of time. 

These agreements among storage miners and their customers are known as transactions. Repair miners are designed as a third player who might eventually intervene in the event of an untrustworthy storage miner and assist in mitigating the hazards caused by this.

Besides, Filecoin's creators have stated that repair nodes are the kind of nodes that accelerate "network self-healing."

The Filecoin framework is made up of a decentralized information storage solution and a few network functions.