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What is Ragequit?

Ragequit MEANING:
Ragequit - a DAO process when a member stops participating in a proposal before it goes through and leaves with a significant share of the assets.
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Ragequit is a process that allows members of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to withdraw part or all of their stake with their share of the assets and quit participating in a proposal before it goes through.

The ragequit process was introduced in the V1 Moloch DAO framework and has become one of its integral parts. This option is now available on a number of other DAO frameworks, including Tribute DAO and Flamingo DAO. In many cases, ragequit is listed as “Exit”.

Members of the Moloch DAO can invoke the ragequit at any point in time, as long as they have not voted “Yes” on an active proposal. This means that members who voted “No” or did not vote at all are able to ragequit during the timeframe after the proposal is approved but before it is placed into action.

The ragequit process allows the DAO members to keep their contributions to the DAO treasury entirely under their management. Minority members that do not agree with certain proposals are also protected from losing their funds in the pool if they are not in agreement with the decisions being made by the DAO.

The development of the ragequit process was a massive step forward for the DAO frameworks. It provides more reassurance to the members that their assets will not go to waste on projects they personally disagree with, while also strengthening the unity of like-minded DAO communities.