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What is Quorum (Governance)?

Quorum (Governance) MEANING:
Quorum (Governance) - the minimum number of members required for the proceedings of a meeting to be considered valid.
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A quorum is the minimum number of members in a group required to be present at a meeting for the proceedings to be considered valid. Businesses often require the quorum of shareholders to be present at a meeting to confirm binding decisions.

There is no universally accepted number or percentage of participants used to determine the quorum. The details of the minimum required number of participants may depend on the organizations. However, in many cases, it’s suggested to consider the simple majority of members in an organization as the quorum.

A frequent example is the 51% majority, which means that more than half the members are required for decision-making. However, each organization may follow its own guidelines and create formulas to determine the quorum.

The number of quorum participants must represent the members during decision-making processes. Members can sign binding contracts or vote based on the governance principles to decide on the quorum.