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Crypto Terms:  Letter P
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Private Blockchain?

Private Blockchain Meaning:
Private Blockchain - a blockchain network used by a single organization.
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Let's find out Private Blockchain meaning, definition in crypto, what is Private Blockchain, and all other detailed facts.

A private blockchain is a network operating inside a single organization that maintains authority. As the name implies, such networks are not openly accessible for outside parties. Private blockchains are typically permissioned, with some form of authorization that limits access to the platform.

Private blockchain networks are usually custom-developed for enterprise use in accordance with the internal networking system. Private networks rely on trust, and employees, as well as some whitelisted parties, are the sole entities with the access.

Private blockchains are not wholly decentralized like public blockchains. However, some system aspects may be structurally decentralized. Private blockchain platforms usually follow regulations that do not apply to public platforms. All network nodes on the private blockchain follow a set of rules that ensure a steady workflow.

Private blockchains are highly efficient, particularly compared to public blockchains. Since public blockchains have a large user base, it can lead to network congestion and slow traffic as resources are stretched out to provide services. Private blockchain solutions are stable and experience fewer delays.

Furthermore, private blockchains offer a high level of privacy as they can be accessed by a limited number of users.

Private blockchains allow enterprises to manage their workflow with ease and back up all necessary processes.