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Crypto Terms:  Letter P
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Paper Wallet?

Paper Wallet Meaning:
Paper Wallet - a piece of paper that contains a user's private and public keys.
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Let's find out Paper Wallet meaning, definition in crypto, what is Paper Wallet, and all other detailed facts.

A paper wallet is a sheet of paper that has the user's private and public keys. Or, in other words, a physical storage system. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets, so a paper wallet provides them with a system to securely keep unique keys to users' virtual funds. Besides, the keys can be maintained in their alphanumeric raw form or printed as a QR code.

Note that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have both – public and private keys.

A public key operates in the same way as a public email address and can be publicly disclosed to enable others to deposit it. However, it permits others from accessing BTC in your account. Speaking of private keys, they operate like vulnerable passwords and provide the holder with the possibility to access and exchange funds.

Wallet generators provide unique public and private keys that are generated at random.

Now, despite the fact that paper wallets are cold storage devices, they also pose a number of concerns. For example, the paper might be destroyed or lost. Moreover, the printer's paper and ink quality could also have an influence on the readability of the keys, especially if they are stored for an extended length of time. Factors such as water, fire, or air moisture can potentially cause harm to the paper wallet.

Furthermore, difficulties may develop if the wallet-generating software is updated and fails to recognize the format of the previous paper wallet. Though there are also “steel wallets” out there that are fire-resistant and should last a very long time.

Since paper wallets are not connected to the internet, they were once thought to be safer than other kinds of virtual funds storage. Nevertheless, despite the fact they are especially safe if they are placed in a safe spot, paper wallets are not as popular as they used to be as a result of upgrades in cryptocurrency storage technology.

If you were to create a paper wallet, you would need a credible paper wallet generator. Also, make sure not to create a paper wallet from an electronic source because you can leave a digital footprint that might be used by hackers later on.

The easiest approach to creating a paper wallet is to write down your recovery seed phrase or the private key from your screen or device. Though check it at least twice, and then hide it in a secure place. This is something that can be accomplished in both software and hardware wallets.