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What is No-Coiner?

No-Coiner MEANING:
No-Coiner - a person without cryptocurrency in their portfolio who believes that cryptocurrency is set to fail.
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A no-coiner is a person who believes that cryptocurrencies have little to no value and are guaranteed to fail. No-coiners do not hold any digital assets in their portfolios. However, a lack of crypto assets in a portfolio is not a clear indication that a person is a no-coiner, as the label relates to the negative beliefs they hold towards cryptocurrencies.

In some cases, a no-coiner attitude comes from a failure to invest in the early days of Bitcoin (BTC). Therefore, the person may hold resentment towards investors who succeeded and gained significant profits from their crypto investments.

Some of the sentiments often shared by no-coiners are that cryptocurrency is a scam, a money-laundering scheme, or a market bubble that will explode in a similar manner as the housing bubble in 2008, which led to the global financial crisis.

No-coiner attitude often goes beyond skepticism as they are strongly convinced that cryptocurrencies cannot succeed and will crash and burn in the foreseeable future. Although there is proof of crypto utility, no-coiners believe it can be used solely for illicit activities, like theft and money laundering.

Some describe the attitude of no-coiners using the philosophical term ressentiment, or the act of blaming personal failures on external factors. The ardent anti-cryptocurrency stance of no-coiners is comparable to the strong pro-cryptocurrency beliefs of crypto evangelists.