Crypto Terms: Letter N

What is Newb?

Newb - A person is called a Newb when they’re new to a specific field.
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Let's find out Newb meaning, definition in crypto, what is Newb, and all other detailed facts.

The term Newb, newbie, nub, or noob is used to describe someone who lacks relevant experience in a specific field. It’s a type of slang for the words new, newcomer, or novice.

Let’s have a look at an example to understand this term better. For instance, someone who has never traded cryptocurrencies but is actively researching them and trying to enter the industry can be considered a newb.

In other words, this person is a beginner that is just starting their journey and are bound to make mistakes. It’s important not to confuse it with n00b which is often used as an insult, especially within the gaming industry. The term newb doesn’t refer to someone’s intelligence, just the fact that they have no experience in this specific field. 

Everyone has been a newb at one point or another in their life before they became knowledgeable about the subject they were exploring.