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Crypto Terms:  Letter N
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM)?

Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM) Meaning:
Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM) - The NEVM (Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine) protocol is an adaptive computation method that integrates the programmability of Ethereum and EVM compatible smart contracts with the Bitcoin network's security.
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Let's find out Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM) meaning, definition in crypto, what is Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM), and all other detailed facts.

The NEVM (Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine) protocol is an adaptive computation system that combines the programmability of Ethereum and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible smart contracts) with the protection provided by the Bitcoin network.

Moreover, this computational protocol mixes the finest features of the Bitcoin network, including its hashrates, merge-mining, security prototype, UTXO effectiveness, and scalability, with Ethereum's vast spectrum of smart contracts, to provide an integrated decentralized financial computation system. 

Individuals and developers may profit from the best of both worlds with NEVM. Besides,  the NEVM protocol addresses the Bitcoin network's lengthy selfish mining problem. At the same time, zero-knowledge proofs are introduced to enable high degrees of permissionless compatibility and adaptability, all on Turing-complete smart contracts.

In regards to that, the NEVM adds smart contract features to the Bitcoin network. It's achieved by providing interoperable and scalable smart contracts that can enable worldwide acceptance while preserving cheap gas costs and permitting decentralized settlements guaranteed by bitcoin's Proof-of-Work (PoW) security architecture.

The Benefits of Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM)

A few of the benefits of the NEVM include:

  • High degrees of fault tolerance in conjunction with interactive data;
  • The capacity to grow to an arbitrary number of transactions while avoiding the requirement for proofs of one-time operations to be re-executed;
  • Interoperability between individual chains that are not based on trust.

In addition, the NEVM, as a computational protocol, uses smart contracts to expand up to 210,000 transactions per second (TPS) while keeping gas bills as low as feasible. 

Alongside additional modifications planned in the future, NEVM is expected to reach four million TPS, the highest throughput available by any current layer-1 or layer-2 technology.

Furthermore, NEVM overcomes a wide range of challenges that blockchain projects experience in current smart contract systems with Syscoin's product line. 

Numerous additional innovations are included in the protocol, such as highly safe exchanges that are able to expand to assist millions of users simultaneously, regulatory requirements for virtual assets, and entirely compliant development tools for Web3, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT projects.

It does this all without jeopardizing core elements like decentralization and security.