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What is Motoko Programming Language (DFINITY)?

Motoko Programming Language (DFINITY) MEANING:
Motoko Programming Language (DFINITY) - is a programming language that enables development on the Internet Computer.
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Motoko Programming Language (DFINITY) is a developer-friendly programming language designed for building smart contracts on decentralized internet. Its vision is to allow skill-diverse developer teams to build a new decentralized application generation that enables swapping and pairing of application components, in addition to being secure and scalable.

This programming language allows developers to create complex software applications that minimize the possibility of exploitation. It does this by providing parity typing.

Motoko programming language was originally developed as a language design exercise. The goal of this exercise was to investigate and evaluate how a programming language could perform was it able to utilize the security model of the Internet Computer and decentralization.

DFINITY prompted the continued development of the Motoko Programming Language. Currently, it has a variety of features including:

  • A solution to program in a statically-typed language facilitating type interference compiler;
  • Implementation of lexical closures within crucial functions;
  • Simplification of the pattern matching process through the use of algebraic data types;
  • Resource management via automatic memory management;
  • Enforced immutability and referential transparency offer stronger security.

One of the benefits of the Motoko Programming Language is that it removes elements such as garbage collection (GC), communication through message passing, and memory management, among others. 

Moreover, it provides concurrency primitives, data type lists, and sets of abstractions so programmers can create powerful software applications 

What is DFINITY?

DFINITY is a new type of public blockchain that runs completely on the web. It’s the first blockchain to facilitate the WebAssembly (WASM) virtual machine format in developing high-quality smart contracts. 

Threshold Relay is the consensus protocol that secures DFINITY and makes it scalable especially when talking about smart contracts. It’s a well-established protocol that’s known to combat cybercriminals who hack blockchains through the use of 51% attacks

Moreover, a new proof-of-stake (PoS) beacon of randomness is in DFINITY’s works. Smart contracts will utilize it to shuffle through various sets of data, randomly pick network participants as well as provide randomly generated numbers. 

What is the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer is a worldwide system of public computer networks that allows producers to operate general-purpose software while taking a decentralized approach. 

It’s backed by the ICP coin. This coin allows the Internet Computer to cover the network computation and system governance costs.