Crypto Terms: Letter M

What is Moon?

Moon - crypto slang used to describe the continuous upward movement of a cryptocurrency’s price.
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Let's find out Moon meaning, definition in crypto, what is Moon, and all other detailed facts.

Moon is a slang term commonly used in crypto community spaces. It describes a steady, continuous upward movement of the price of a cryptocurrency asset. The term is predominantly used by bullish investors with an optimistic market outlook.

The phrase “going to the moon” means that an asset is experiencing or is about to experience a significant price increase. On various social media platforms, the term may be used alongside a combination of space-themed emojis, like rocket ships and the moon.

The term may also be used as the verb “mooning” to describe the same market sentiments.

The exact origin of the term is unknown. However, it is believed that “moon” as a slang first emerged around 2017, when the price of Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded $20,000 for the first time.