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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft MEANING:
Minecraft - is a video game designed in two modes: survivability and creation.
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Let's find out Minecraft meaning, definition in crypto, what is Minecraft, and all other detailed facts.

Minecraft is a 3D video game based on breaking and creating various blocks in order to survive and/or build.

The game was officially released in 2011 and has maintained a stable player base ever since. However, it boomed in popularity in 2019. There are various factors that come into play here, but some of the credit is also given to Pewdiepie. 

Minecraft players can choose to engage in two different game modes: survival or creative.

The survival mode allows players to experience in-game life by collecting resources, cooking food, building houses, and even defending themselves from various creatures. Additionally, survival mode has its own unique feature - hardcore mode. While playing in hardcore mode, players can’t respawn. Meaning they lose all of their progress if they die and are forced to start all over again.

The creative mode does not have any of the survival mode features. Players won’t have to take care of their character’s needs or engage in fights to stay alive. Instead, they will have every resource at their fingertips in order to build anything they can think of. Players can challenge themselves to build entire worlds based on a single concept such as a Harry Potter universe. 

The main difference between these modes is that the survival mode tests your endurance and survival skills while providing a real challenge. On the other hand, the creation mode tests the bounds of your imagination as you can create virtually anything on Minecraft.

It’s easy to add your own mods to Minecraft, or those provided by other community members. Anything that your mind can think of, can be implemented without much difficulty.

Minecraft has two versions - one is programmed in Java, and the second one is programmed in C++. The latter version stands out since it enables cross-platform play so you can enjoy the game on any device.