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What is Micropayment?

Micropayment MEANING:
Micropayment - a small transaction (can be less than a dollar or even a fraction of a cent) that is made online.
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A micropayment has been identified as a means to improve the quick online transfer of royalties, gratuities, pay-per-click advertising, small-scale freelancing services, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Depending on the company, the definition or size of a micropayment may change. For example, some organizations might define micropayments as transactions worth less than a dollar, while others may define the value as $10 or $20.

In terms of the concept itself, technology futurist and philosopher Ted Nelson invented micropayments in the 1960s as a method for individual copyrights on internet material. He had imagined micropayments in the ten-thousandths of a cent range. This tiny size would enable customers to pay for online content and the establishment of low-cost networks.

The most recent technological advancements have greater attention and participation in the digital world. Fintech, or financial technology, is an emerging business devoted to making financial products accessible to all users at a low cost.

The platforms created for micropayments operate in several ways:

  • Firstly, micropayments can be used when a merchant or payment provider has an established account with a third-party micropayment supplier that gathers, saves, and administers the payments. Such payments are saved in a digital wallet maintained by the supplier until they aggregate to a bigger sum, at which point they are paid out to the beneficiary.
  • Then there's the approach that uses a prepaid method. In this case, a user opens an account with a micropayment processor and deposits a certain quantity of funds into the account. When the provider is used by an e-commerce platform, the user's account with the provider can simply be deducted from the dollar amount of the transaction. This signifies that the user pays using a micropayment processing account.

All in all, in contrast to an advertising-based strategy, micropayments allow consumers to pay for online content and enable the establishment of low-cost networks.