Crypto Terms: Letter L

What is Listing?

Listing MEANING:
Listing - a process that occurs when an exchange offers a trading pair for a specific asset.
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Let's find out Listing meaning, definition in crypto, what is Listing, and all other detailed facts.

The process of "listing" an asset takes place when a certain exchange offers a trading pair for that asset. Considering traditional markets, listing signifies that shares of a company can be traded on that specific stock exchange.

Overall, this implies that the listed company has met specific financial and regulatory requirements. Additionally, this means that the company is compliant with the exchange's degree of trust. Therefore, the listing process indicates that the company's shares meet the minimum quality requirements.

When an asset is listed with Ethereum (ETH) or any other main exchange pairing asset (e.g., BTC), a project and its asset get the same level of trust as its trading pair. Besides, when an asset is listed, it's a sign that the connected trading pair has enough liquidity. Therefore, the pair is able to generate an proper price discovery.