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What is Light Node?

Light Node MEANING:
Light Node - a downloadable wallet that connects to the full nodes to validate the information on the blockchain.
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A light node is a downloadable wallet connected to full nodes to validate the blockchain information. They contain partial information about blockchain histories and take up less space than full nodes.

Nodes are digital devices, such as computers, servers, phones, or wallets, connected to the blockchain network. Each node connects to the blockchain, forming a network, and provides all other devices with updates on the latest information added to the chain.

Nodes are among the core components of the blockchain as they are responsible for ledger validation which provides transparency to the transaction logs viewable on the network. One of the key roles of the nodes is to ensure that all data stored on the network is accurate, secure, and accessible to designated authorized parties.

While there are several different types of nodes, such as mining, staking, and masternodes, the two key categories are full and light nodes.

Although both categories serve a similar purpose, light nodes depend on full nodes for their functionality and data access. Full nodes contain a copy of the whole verified blockchain history. This includes all transaction data and the processed blocks.
Light nodes contain block headers which are used to support and query transaction volatility. The block header provides a summary of the data stored in a specific block, including the information connecting it to the previous block on the chain.