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Crypto Terms:  Letter K
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger Meaning:
Keylogger - is a tool utilized by hackers to document keystrokes that were made by users, either through a software program or a hardware device.
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Let's find out Keylogger meaning, definition in crypto, what is Keylogger, and all other detailed facts.

The act can be referred to as keylogging or keystroke logging.

For personal benefit, hackers employ keyboard recording software and hardware keyloggers to capture and retrieve victims' sensitive data such as bank account information, account passwords, private keys, and so on.

Keyloggers have evolved from eavesdropping instruments commonly employed by criminals or governmental entities, to a commercial industry of their own, permitting the average person to buy their own edition of keylogging software. 

Parental supervision is a typical, more harmless use case for keyloggers, in which parents may track their children's internet activity.

Keyloggers can also be used for lawful purposes. System administrators, for example, may deploy keylogging software to monitor employees' activity. Keyloggers are also important for law enforcement since they may be used to track offenders and efficiently transfer all recorded data to all offices.

The three most important types of hardware keyloggers are:

  • USB-loaded keyloggers that give the computer a keystroke logger malware.
  • Hidden camera loggers typically visually controlled keystrokes.
  • Keyboard hardware keyloggers can be built-in or linked to a device using a cable.

Furthermore, keyloggers may be used to acquire digital currency from individuals by capturing their exchange passwords or collecting their private keys from their crypto wallets

This danger is readily addressed by utilizing a hardware wallet and enabling the two-factor authentication (2FA) option in exchange accounts. The two-factor authentication is supported by the vast majority of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Additionally, the simplest technique to discover a software keylogger is to examine the system functions. If you see anything unusual, you must look it up online to check if it is from legal software or a known keylogger. 

Checking your computer's data flow would also be a wise decision.