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What is Integrated Circuit (IC)?

Integrated Circuit (IC) MEANING:
Integrated Circuit (IC) - an assortment of electronic parts used in the majority of modern electronic devices.
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An Integrated Circuit (IC), also known as a microelectronic circuit, microchip, or just a chip, is a set of electronic components. These components can be inductors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, or transistors, just to name a few. An integrated circuit serves as an amplifier, oscillator, and microprocessor, among other devices. It can also do calculations.

A small space of an IC holds over a billion transistors.

An IC is usually made out of silicon which is an abundant resource. Making the mass production of integrated circuits inexpensive. In turn, the low cost and functionality of ICs were instrumental in the development of electronics all over the world.

Integrated circuits are an integral part of most electronic devices today. For instance, integrated circuits within computers operate with binary values of 0 and. In this case, 0 represents low signals while 1 represents high signals. Comparing the newest computer 20 years ago and today, we can see that present-day computers are much more advanced in terms of efficiency.

Older computers used discrete circuits instead of the integrated circuits we have today. They functioned as capacitors, resistors, and individual transistors. Its components were connected through wires. Discrete circuits came with the disadvantage of physical instability. 

The invention of integrated circuits eliminated discrete circuits from everyday electronic devices. This had to do with the low cost and improved performance of ICs as well as the reduced resource consumption.