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What is Instant Settlement Network Layer?

Instant Settlement Network Layer MEANING:
Instant Settlement Network Layer - a network that allows participants to trade digital assets anywhere in the world in real-time.
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An instant settlement network allows its participants to trade various digital assets anywhere in the world having real-time settlements. Instant settlement networks can be used with both – on-chain and off-chain transactions. These networks help avoid counter-party risks because the participants work within the same network accessible through online portals and APIs.

Instant settlement network transactions happen 24 hours a day, in real-time, on a gross basis, and without any waiting. Each transaction is settled one at a time, therefore it is not grouped with other transactions. These transactions are settled instantly if the participants have sufficient funds. Besides, they are final and irreversible.

Instant settlement networks have allowed the smooth movement of digital assets between blockchains, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional trading systems that rely on unneeded intermediaries.