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What is GitHub?

GitHub - the largest code hosting platform that allows developers to work together on various projects.
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Let's find out GitHub meaning, definition in crypto, what is GitHub, and all other detailed facts.

GitHub is the largest code hosting platform in the world. One of GitHub's key goals is to promote collaborative work by allowing developers to work on a project simultaneously from anywhere on the globe. GitHub is built on Git which is software created by Linus Torvalds to track changes in the content. Microsoft bought GitHub in 2012 after actively using this platform to publish open-source projects like Visual Studio and Windows Calculator.

GitHub is extremely versatile because it has an intuitive environment that allows developers to track changes across different versions of code-based projects. GitHub supports various programming languages, features, and file formats, which makes it really flexible. The platform offers various features for smooth teamwork such as distribution of roles and editing privileges or discussion boards, which enhance the collaborative spirit of the platform.

The majority of the most popular blockchain-based projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, and many others are freely available on GitHub. It enables participants from all over the world to collaborate on blockchain developments. Besides, GitHub is a great tool to evaluate interest in various projects by monitoring how many participants are involved in a specific project.

However, since GitHub is an open-source project, it is prone to malicious attacks and many users already tried to take advantage of GitHub to set up crypto mining operations for free. That’s why GitHub developers have taken a few steps to ensure integrity and protection. Now, even though anyone can visit GitHub and read through code and projects, only registered users with an active GitHub account have editing rights.