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What is Elliott Waves?

Elliott Waves MEANING:
Elliott Waves - Elliot Waves Theory is a tool to analyze price fluctuations in the financial markets.
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Elliot Waves Theory is a tool that was created in the 1930s for stock and crypto market traders, by Ralph Nelson Elliott. The idea of the tool emerged from observing continuous fractal wave patterns.

In other words, it is a technical analysis approach that is employed to analyze price fluctuations in the financial market by examining long-term variations in investor sentiment and behavior.

The theory indicates that there are several different models of waves. For instance, an impulse wave that goes in the same direction as the general trend, typically reveals five waves in its configuration.

A corrective wave is distinct in that it travels to the other side. The following design accomplishes the same thing as the one before it on ever-smaller sizes, thus its fractal features.

Besides, although stock markets are known to fluctuate at random, it has been observed that they trade in recurring patterns known as waves. Investors who attempt to predict market movements are considered to be 'surfing a wave.'

After retiring at the age of 58 as the result of health problems, Elliott discovered that the same patterns were linked to major wobbles in investor behavior and typically mirrored the recurring fractal patterns in financial markets.

The Elliot Wave Theory is comparable to the Dow Theory in that both acknowledge that stock prices move in waves. Nonetheless, because Elliot understood the pattern's fractal elements, he was able to break them down and explore them in greater depth.

Fractals are mathematical structures that may be indefinitely repeated. It was also feasible to utilize the patterns as predictive signals of future market action.