Crypto Terms: Letter D

What is Dumping?

Dumping MEANING:
Dumping - is a practice that emerges when the market is influenced by factors such as economic instability in global markets or in response to a specific news occurrence.
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Currently, individuals that own enormous quantities of cryptocurrency, known as whales, have caused a sell-off just below the $10,000 level. This demonstrated how the worth of the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world might drop in a matter of seconds.

Besides, it is possible that those whales then re-entered the market to purchase more cryptocurrency at a decreased value, which leads to massive gains.

More importantly, dumping is probable when the price of a cryptocurrency frequently encounters an area of barrier.

May of 2018, was when Bitcoin saw a strong rising trend that propelled it beyond the crucial number of $10,000. It swung about the $10,100 level many times until hitting a strong barrier of rejection at $10,200.

Several elements have impacted the outcomes of numerous cases across time. It is quite improbable that Bitcoin would halve, but if it does, the market will experience extreme volatility, which has traditionally been the major provocation for dumping.