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What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)?

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) MEANING:
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) - an investment strategy where a person invests the same amount of money for set period of time.
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Let's find out Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) meaning, definition in crypto, what is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and all other detailed facts.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is when you invest the same amounts of money every set amount of time, at regular intervals. It’s a well-known method among investors. They use it when they have a goal of avoiding risk exposure, as well as so that their investment would not be greatly affected by market volatility.

Here is a simple example of a DCA:

Let’s say that two people that have different investment methods and profiles - Tom and Jane, invested in Ethereum. Tom has an idea to buy $300 of ETH every month until he has 1 ETH.

DATE ETH Purchased Total ETH (sum) Total Cost
May 4 0.1309 0.1509 $300
June 4 0.1499 0.3008 $600
July 4 0.1702 0.451 $900
August 4 0.2823 0.7333 $1200
September 4 0.1998 0.9331 $1500
October 4 0.1112 1.0443 $1800

He was able to get 1 ETH for a total price of $1,800 using this strategy. His strategy was very different since Jane just purchased one whole ETH that cost $2,300.

DATE Total ETH Total Cost
May 4 1 $2,300

Jane got 1 ETH in May. In this case, she paid more than Tom. Her total investment cost was $2,300. This shows that investors might profit from using the DCA strategy. In this particular scenario, Jane paid more than Tom, because she purchased one ETH immediately, rather than investing particular amounts for an extended amount of time.

The reason behind creating the term itself is because of the demand of reducing the average cost of the total amount of assets bought.

In essence, the investor would be able to purchase a lesser piece of an asset for a higher price. Simultaneously, when the asset's price falls, more units are sold. As a result, the investor would enter a position progressively, rather than all at once.