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What is Deterministic Wallet?

Deterministic Wallet MEANING:
Deterministic Wallet - is a type of cryptocurrency wallet in which addresses and keys are generated from a single seed.
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A deterministic wallet is a specific cryptocurrency wallet in which addresses, as well as keys, are developed from one seed. It is widely utilized to hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, anyone that possesses a copy of the private key can manage the cryptocurrency stored in the account.

Previously, cryptocurrency wallets functioned by generating addresses and private keys whenever they were required by the user, at random. However, this method had several disadvantages. If the information of the wallet were lost then all of the keys and addresses would be lost as well.

Nevertheless, in deterministic wallets, the mixture of public and private keys is created as a way of preventing hackers from accessing the wallet as well as privacy in transactions. The keys are generated randomly.

Many of the most prominent cryptocurrency wallets are now transformed into deterministic wallets. For instance, the very well-known Electrum system is also deterministic.

To be more specific, a deterministic wallet is based on a certain algorithm and seed. Every key and address generated by a deterministic wallet is derived from that seed. 

As a result, if the user gets access to the seed, he may build a new wallet and retrieve all of the addresses and keys. This applies even if the initial wallet gets damaged or is lost.

One of the main advantages of a deterministic wallet is the master public key attribute. This key can be created from a particular wallet’s master private key and can be utilized to issue all of the addresses generated by the wallet.

Besides, this indicates that a third-party individual that possesses a private key can see the balance of a wallet, but can’t perform any transactions.