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Crypto Terms:  Letter D

What is Date of Launch?

Date of Launch - the date when the initial coin offering (ICO) tokens are launched for sale.
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Let's find out Date of Launch meaning, definition in crypto, what is Date of Launch, and all other detailed facts.

Date of launch refers to a part of an initial coin offering (ICO) campaign. It marks the day when the ICO tokens are placed for sale.

Initial coin offerings are funding campaigns for new and prospective cryptocurrencies and tokens. During the campaign process, developers of the asset announce that a certain portion of the coin will be sold to investors. The sale helps distribute the tokens among the prospective blockchain community and provides funds for the development and marketing of the asset.

The date of launch marks the start of the asset sale to the general public. Prior to this point of the campaign, the developers make preparations for the token launch and may hold private sales to distribute the token among selected investors.

The development team must ensure that the technology for the asset is at least fundamentally functional prior to the launch. The team must also guarantee that it is legally compliant with regulations and outline a plan of distribution. Any relevant documentation must be published before the date of launch.

The date of launch is typically announced to the public in advance. This helps the developers work according to the feedback and dedicate time to marketing campaigns that advertise the ICO.