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What is Cryptology?

Cryptology MEANING:
Cryptology - The scientific research of cryptography and cryptanalysis is known as cryptology.
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Cryptoanalysis and cryptography are accomplished by various mathematical formulas and algorithms.

Cryptology is sometimes confused with cryptography or cryptoanalysis, but experts in the area have long held that cryptology is the more complete word, embracing both.

Initially, cryptology was the study of the ideas and methods for masking data in ciphers and later revealing it to authorized individuals using the secret key. Now, it surrounds the whole area of key-controlled modifications of data into forms that are either unattainable or computationally unworkable for unauthorized users to copy or reverse.

The information must be changed in such a way that an unauthorized individual cannot perceive the actual essence behind it. As a result, the information is safe for transmission and storage.

It is carried out using certain mathematical equations that are extremely difficult to solve unless certain requirements are satisfied. Intractability refers to the degree of complexity. These mathematical equations are used to construct the fundamentals of cryptography.

A few of the most essential equations are:

  • The integer factorization problem
  • The discrete logarithm problem
  • The elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem

Only those who have the key have access to the disguised data. Encryption is the transformation of plaintext into cipher or ciphertext under the management of the key. Decryption is the opposite procedure, in which a legitimate receiver extracts the hidden information from the cipher using the key.

Moreover, during the period of World War II, cryptography was utilized to ensure the confidentiality of written messages. It can also safeguard computer data by encrypting facsimile and television signals, validating the identities of electronic commerce participants, and producing legally permissible records of those transactions.

The subject of cryptanalysis has grown as a result of this expanded perception of cryptography.