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What is Corporate Treasury?

Corporate Treasury MEANING:
Corporate Treasury - is developed to control the risk, funds, liquidity, capital reserves of a firm to go hand in hand with its methods.
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A corporate treasury seeks to protect the firm’s worth from the risks it faces due to the nature of its activities.

Credit, interest rates, currencies, commodities, and operations may all be at stake.

Corporate treasury employs balance sheet size and asset and debt liquidity ratios to effectively regulate the firm's liquidity. This ensures that there is enough liquidity to participate in activities like buyouts and get the highest potential profit on cash holdings.

Corporate treasurers are responsible for monitoring the implementation of firm-wide plans and reporting back to C-suites on the feasibility of purchasing a business or developing new markets. If the C-suite chooses to acquire the money, they may be entrusted with finding it through an asset sale, stock issuance, or reserves.