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What is Commingling?

Commingling MEANING:
Commingling - a process of pooling all funds from different investors into one investment to maximize their benefits.
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Commingling is a process in securities investment when funds from different investors are combined into a single fund or investment vehicle. The fund is partially owned by every contributor. Institutional investment funds are typically managed by employing the commingled fund model.

There are numerous benefits to adopting commingling in investment. Fund managers who rely on pooled funds can lower trading costs since it’s possible to trade using larger blocks.

Furthermore, investors can find the scale of commingled funds advantageous since the larger money pool allows them to access a broader range of investments which typically require a large buy-in. Another advantage is the opportunity to receive better investment returns than through an investment vehicle that separates the funds.

For individual investors, commingled funds ensure lower brokerage fees. Paying the broker’s fees via the commingled fund rather than individually is more cost-efficient since there is no need to hire additional investment managers.